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Ages Of Hip HopGuitar Sample Pack

Ages Of Hip HopGuitar Sample Pack


This Trifecta runs the clock on the Ages of Hip-hop. From the early drops by Dre, through the bars of Em, to the feels from Juice, this pack is sure to satisfy your desire for 🔥🔥🔥 no matter which idol you're trying to emulate from: Now/00s/90s. 🩸




This pack tunes into the mood of Hip-hop today, with emphasis on simplistic progressions and plenty of finger styled guitar, whilst exploring some trippier sample styles through the exploitation of our guitar pedal rig 🩸


Vibe Radar: Juice Wrld/Lil Baby/


Pack Details:


-5 Full Samples with Three Distinct Guitar Layers (a dollar a layer!)


-All Stems Included (Dry and Wet)


-44.1kHz/24-Bit AIFF


-Tempo/Key Labelled


-MIDI Included




The 2000s are behind us, but the guitar samples Hip-Hop artists used records are timeless! Dare to recreate those smooth, yet gangster, vibes from the 00s with this pack and challenge the now 🩸



Vibe Radar: Eminem/Outcast/50 Cent




There are many lessons to be learnt in the past. Work with the clock, as it slowly comes back around, and get amongst this old school pack sporting samples that are just waiting to be rediscover the spotlight 🩸


Vibe Radar: Dr Dre/2 Pac/Mobb Deep

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    Rob Daglish - Mixing Engineer

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