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Time Of The Day Guitar Sample Pack

Time Of The Day Guitar Sample Pack

This Trifecta wakes your tracks up, keeps them alive and tucks them back in. Match the mood of the moment with licks that keep you grinding no matter the time of the day: Morning/Afternoon/Night.

Morning: Inspired by them smooth morning bells, this pack embraces a peaceful start to the day. Enjoy some floaty major chords over some bacon and eggs to ease your mind. Vibe Radar: John Mayer/Tom Petty/Paper Kites

Afternoon: The sun is out, you’re strutting down the street with a smile on your dial, maybe even sneaking an afternoon beer in the system. She’s a feel good head bopping pack yo. Vibe Radar: Jack Johnson/Sam Smith/The Dukes

Night: Echoing pop bangers with a sly edge, this pack has a driving groove to spark your night out. These licks are dying for a killer beat, powered by the kick, to get the floor bouncin’ Vibe Radar: Justin Beiber/Charlie Puth/Ed Sheeran

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    Rob Daglish - Mixing Engineer

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